CyClean Movement
Cyclean is a combination of the words ” Cycle ” and “ Clean 

The dictionary definition of “cycle” is

where a certain event of phenomena that repeat themselves

at the same order and return to its original form.

This “cycle” meets the word “clean” to form our name.

That’s right.

It means to return humanity and the earth to its original, clean form.

For people, it is a movement to go back to our mentally and physically healthy nature,

and for the earth, it is a movement for it to return to its original, clean form.

Therefore, Cyclean movement is the movement that aims to make people and the earth clean again.

In countries that are poor and staving, or rich and plentiful,

Regardless of those with or without riches or knowledge,

A place where everyone equally shares the values of Cyclean platform

to make a healthy, clean world. This is the Cyclean movement