Green Product
CyClean Green Product

Users are rewarded with

Cyclean coins to induce usage of eco-friendly products

and to promote the production of

eco-friendly products as a business

· · · · Selection of  Green Product 

Through a selection process, the most eco-friendly product in each segment is awarded the

“Green Product Mark” on the product.

· · · · CyClean coin’s  compensation?

The user can check the Green Product label and by scanning the QR code on the bottom,

the user receives the appropriated amount of Cyclean coins in their Cyclean wallet.

· · · · Benefits of  Green Products

Domestic and overseas market pioneering and maximization of sales

Once selected as a Green Product, the product can be sold through parties connected with the Cyclean Movement in the national and overseas markets, and can maximize sales through new market openings.

* Korea: Related platform user numbers are about 200,000 (2018 June). Aim for 5,000,000 users by the end of 2018.

* Overseas: U.S.A., Vietnam, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, China local corporations and direct marketing strategy expected countries such as Russia, Taiwan, Philippines, France, Canada, Bangladesh, etc.


PR effects

Utilizing Cyclean’s world models maximize the promotional effects through re-branding, specialized magazines, exclusive shopping malls, press release by the foundation, outstanding Green Product awards, etc.